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DUALITY: Glimpses of the Other Side – has been extended until October 15.  
Hours of exhibition are Tuesdays through Friday 10 am– 4 pm
Saturday by appointment. Closed Sunday and Monday.

Duality: Glimpses of the Other Side

Curated by Scott Bluedorn
June 24 – September 17, 2017
IAM up Late How Did I Get Here & Duality Artist Reception June 24 from 7-10PM

The Islip Art Museum is pleased to announce our 2017 annual open call - Duality: Glimpses of the Other Side. The 2017 annual open call asks artists to seek out what’s hidden behind the veil of perception to reveal chaos in the mundane, beauty in the ordinary, and depravity in the wholesome. 

Understanding the duality of our world can be an enriching activity, reflecting it through art showcases the wit and playfulness of the mind. One’s perception of their surroundings is often skewed through their personal lens and individual worldview. Exposure to other viewpoints increases the ability to see beyond a singular observation and develop a more expansive perspective. 


IAM Up Late: How did I get here?
June 24 from 7-10PM

A special interactive installation presented by 


What do you want to be when you grow up? What did you want to do with your life? From an early age, we are taught to dream. So we make plans. We make lists. We set intentions. We make resolutions. We think beyond time and beyond our years into a promising future reward. Sometimes we achieve the goal and sometimes we don’t. Did you become the person you thought you were going to be?  Or did some twist of fate or change of heart take you in a completely different direction?  IAM Up Late “How did I get here?” is an interactive peek into the reality of thoughts and dreams. Follow our steps through our favorite words and views of life and feel free to share your own.