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Past exhibits

Islip Arts Council Museum Exhibit

La Placita 
Curated by Beth Giacummo & Loretta Corbisiero
December 5, 2012 – February 17, 2013
Reception: December 16th from 1-4pm

La Placita, common in the Caribbean Islands, where the community comes together to celebrate and experience flavorful food and festivals of music and art. Experience the vibrant excitement of the Caribbean Plaza through La Placita, a survey of New York artists originally from the Caribbean, or inspired by the culture of the Caribbean.
Francisco Alvarado-Juárez, David Antonio Cruz, Maria Dominguez, Becky Franco, Lisa Iglesias, Veronique Leriche Fischetti, Miguel Luciano, Reyes Melendez, Ronny Quevedo, celebrate the pride, heritage and traditions of the Caribbean by embracing the diverse population and infused cultures indicative of the islands through their artwork. 

This exhibition is Sponsored By Briarcliffe College


Islip Arts Museum exhibit
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Occupying Potato:

Islip arts museum

An Exhibition of Contemporary Potato Art
September 19- November 18
Reception: September 30 from 1-4pm
Curated by Jeffrey Allen Price

The Potato Revolution continues with an international exhibition of contemporary Potato Art at the Islip Art Museum. "Occupying Potato" brings together a wide range of works by artists deriving inspiration from different aspects of the Potato. This exhibit explores the potato as the most nutritional and abundant vegetable in the world; looks at its storied history and wide-ranging scientific uses and its spiritual aspects as well as its enduring comedic potential, and the prevalence of the potato in popular culture – a very unique exhibition.

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Archie Rand: The Potato Prints
September 19 – November 19

The Museum Store is excited and honored to present Archie Rand's "The Potato Prints" have earned an unexpected niche in contemporary art history. They radiate joy and are appreciated by viewers of all ages. Bold in visual impact, they are filled with humanity and charm. Praised as technically remarkable achievements they remain just pure fun.


Islip arts museum

Potato Project Room: Unpacking My Potato Collection--Artifacts, Ephemera and Recent Acquisitions
September 19 – November 18

The Islip Art Museum has invited Jeffrey Allen Price, artist and curator of the Occupying Potato exhibition to create a special installation in our historical room. The installation will feature a selection of over a hundred potato-themed objects collected from around the world over the last two decades. The show includes historical items, books, prints, tools, original works of art and more.

An Islip Art Museum and FRESH Art Long Island Collaboration.
Long Islands premier after-hours multimedia artist networking event.


islip arts council winter tempest

The Garbage Barge Revisited: Art from Dross
June 13 - September 2
Reception: July 29th from 1-4pm
Curated by Karen Shaw
In 1987, Islip Town became infamous when a barge containing tons of commercial trash from the town was forced to sail along the Atlantic coast for 3 months in search of a landfill for the waste. As a result, Islip Town paved the way for the nation to reduce, reuse and recycle.
This exhibition, our annual Open Call ,asks artists to consider alternate ways to repurpose cast-offs, which might otherwise be waste.
Cut Ups
Through January 25, 2011
A holiday exhibit featuring works made of cut and molded paper. Artists featured:
Rebecca Hutchinson
Soo Kim
Jolynn Krystosek
Jin Lee
Aric Obrosey
Allie Rex
Christophe Roberts
Donna Ruff
Raymond Saa
Hunter Stabler
Merle Temkin

Curated by Karen Shaw
read Janet M. Goleas' review

Subterranean Blues
Through January 25, 2011
Collection Insights: David Slater
read Janet M. Goleas' review (PDF)

Photo Finish
February 9 through March 27
(Reception February 20)
Curated by Ariel Shanberg, Director of The Center for Photography at Woodstock. This exhibit features the work of contemporary artists who have completed residencies at the Center for Photography at Woodstock. CPW is New York State's celebrated workspace for emerging photographers. The agency recently won a coveted Lucie Award for contributions to the field. Events accompanying this exhibit focus on opportunities for artists. Artists featured:
Kenseth Armstead
Myra Greene
Stephen Marc
Felicia Megginson
Tim Portlock
Keisha Scarville
Kwabena Slaughter
Preston Wadley

A companion exhibit in the Town History Gallery, curated by Vickie Berger, President of the Historical Society of Islip Hamlet, features 1900's photographer Edgar Van Sicklen's glass plate negatives of the hamlet of Islip.

Through March 27, 2011
Photographic Memories: Vicki Ragan

In Bloom
April 6 through May 29 (Reception: April 17)
Curated by Karen Shaw, this exhibit features imaginary and real flowers and plants as envisioned by contemporary artists. Show includes a garden tour and related lectures.Artists featured:
Lucille Bertrand
Kathryn Frey
Susan Hoeltzel
Mary Judge
Becky Newsom
Ray Rapp
Eric Rhein
Susanna Starr
Joy Taylor
Jim Toia
Hilary Tolan
Merrill Wagner
Deb Todd Wheeler
Alison Williams

Through May 29, 2011
Selections From The Permanent Collection
Mei Savage-Brody
Jennifer Cross
John Ferren
David Geiser
Arnold Hoffman
Ann Shore

Flag Day
June 15 through September 4 (Reception July 24)
Our annual Open Call and invitational explores the way flags and banners convey attitudes, beliefs and emotions-including patriotism, identity, mourning and celebration. Janet Goleas, an artist, educator and critic, will curate the exhibit. All artists are invited to submit a work for consideration.
more about Open Call

Secret Message
September 14 through November 13 ( Reception: September 25)
Curated by Karen Shaw, this exhibit features artists who use codes in their work-everything from signs, symbol transfers, Braille and computer codes. The exhibit will coincide with an exhibit in the History Room exploring famous codes associated with Long Island, including codes used to communicate with George Washington during the Revolutionary War, and the DNA code developed at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. Historical exhibit curated by Kathy Curran.

Make Mine Music
November 26 through January 24, 2012 (Reception: December 4)
This holiday exhibition features artists whose painting and sculptures are inspired by music. Curated by Karen Shaw